Get into an Auto Accident? 3 Tips for Taking Accident Scene Photos

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While you may be a bit shaken up after being in an auto accident, you need to stay calm and assess your situation accurately. It could be either a small fender-bender or a major wreck that happened to you, but you'll most likely be filing an insurance claim to have the damage repaired. In addition to your side of the story, it helps to have photos to prove who was responsible for causing the accident. This helps clear up any confusion by your insurance adjuster and could be the difference between whether your auto insurance covers the damage or not. Follow these tips for taking accident scene photos for your insurance company to avoid any confusion.

Photograph the Damage

Start by taking several photos that show what kind of damage your car has due to the accident. Start with a close up photo of the dent or scrape, then back up for a medium shot to show what part of the car it is on. It helps to try taking photos from different angles, and to even take some photos with the flash from your smart phone turned on. Just make sure that the flash doesn't reflect too much off the surface of your car, obscuring the details in the photo.

Photograph the Accident Scene

A wide-angle photo can help tell your story about how the car accident happened. It helps to walk away from the accident site so that you can get everything in the photo. Things such as where the final cars are placed in relation to each other can help show who was responsible, as well as placement from an intersection, stop light, or stop sign. The length a car traveled from the moment of impact can often be an indication of how fast the cars were going.

Photograph the Details

Take a look at small details around the accident scene that could be beneficial to an insurance adjuster to show fault. This could include skid marks left behind by a car trying to stop in time, or even a sign of the speed limit on the street. These are the details that can help tell the whole story.

For more help on what kind of photos your insurance adjuster will need, contact an agent like those at Wyatt Insurance Agency. Remember there is no harm in taking more photos at the time than what are necessary. Just only send what you need when making your claim.