People You Should List On Your Auto Insurance

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Sometimes when you are applying for auto insurance, you may just list yourself as the person to be insured. This can be a costly mistake, as someone else driving your car may not be covered. Having to replace your own car in the event that it is totaled out in a wreck can be financially impossible for some. If you want to make sure that any accidents are covered, it is important to add those who drive your vehicle to your insurance policy. Here are some people you may not think to add, but should. 

A little sister or brother

As a big sibling, you have likely spent many years looking out for your younger siblings. If you have siblings that live with or near you and use your car at times, they should be on your auto insurance policy. If they get into an accident, you want to know that they are covered and will not have to deal with coming out of pocket or having to ask your parents. 

Your friendly roommate

Being friends with your roommate can make life easier. Roommates who are friends tend to hang out together at home and in other locations with friends. If you and your roommate spend time going drinking and dancing together, make sure they are on your auto insurance policy. This way if one of you gets into an accident after being tired due to a late night dance session, your car can be covered and repaired without causing a rift in your friendship and ultimately your living arrangements. In some areas, any registered driver who lives with you must be listed on your car insurance as either insured or voluntarily not insured by your policy. If they are not insured by your policy but get into an accident in your car, you could face some trouble with your insurer. 

Significant others

Though many people tend to underestimate just how involved they are with their significant other, your car auto insurance is the place where you want to overestimate your relationship. If your significant other spends several nights at your place and you often switch to the passengers seat when you go places together, they belong on your car insurance. It is a good idea to speak with a girlfriend or boyfriend about the fact that you may need to put them on your auto insurance to get their driving history. If they have high insurance costs and have accumulated many tickets over the years, check to be sure they won't raise your rates. If the risk is too heavy, it may be best to stick to driving your own vehicles.